Teaching with Technology Podcast

I listened to a couple episodes in the Teaching with Technology Podcast.  This podcast is a part of a website called Power to Learn.  Each year this website hosts educational programs to integrate technology into the classroom and throughout the curriculum.  I noticed that not every podcast episode stated who was discussing the specific topic so I found information on the Power to Learn background and their goals of the podcasts they post.

The first podcast I listened to was “Technology and the Proposed Standards for Literature”.  This episode touched upon high school English teachers teaching to the Common Core Standards for literature in the classroom.  The speaker talked about the uses of technology in the classroom as ways to provide a wide library for literature and new channels to write and talk about what they read.  However, he believes technology cannot exactly perform functions to teach the type of literature these common core standards are designed to evaluate or test in our students.  The speaker believes that the idea of mind, soul, and body need to be put back into the stories we teach in our classrooms and should be at the forefront instead of teaching to every standard.  He states that “technology should also be put in its proper place” in the English classroom.

A very different episode of the Teaching with Technology Podcast was titled “How to create ePubs”.  This podcast was less opinionated and I learned something after listening.  This episode is by Jim Lengel who is a professor at Hunter College in New York.  He talked about the importance of documents and materials to reach students efficiently with all the technological developments over the past years.  He explained an ePub as any publication designed online and one that students can consume on any digital device.  He mentioned iPads, iPhones, Kindles, Nooks, and other new technologies over the past few years.  He explains briefly how one can create an ePub and the benefits of it being able to be converted to fit any device, even a smartphone.  I had not heard of ePubs before, but from listening to this podcast I would definitely research them more thoroughly.  He spoke of the access it gives students from anywhere they may be, and gives teachers more power and flexibility with their printed material.

The Teaching with Technology Podcast can be found at: http://powertolearn.typepad.com/teaching_with_technology/

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