RSS Reader

After reading about RSS readers I found them to be very helpful in finding relevant and interesting information all in one place.  As a future secondary English teacher, I can have my students set up blogs and I can subscribe to each one in my RSS reader.  After becoming more familiar with blogging and its importance, I feel that my students blogging could really benefit them in their writing and my subscribing to each student in the reader benefits me to have each blog right on the same page.  I also like that I have the option of following news venues to get the latest information on any relevant issues, whether in education or outside of the education world.  It seems there are constant changes in education and having access to that news on my RSS reader is so much more helpful than scrolling through numerous news websites looking for a specific topic, like that of education.  I also really liked some of the cool feeds that Richardson stated in his article, such as techbargains or word of the day.  I could add so many relevant and fun feeds to my RSS reader with quick access to all this information.

The RSS reader I used was the one Richardson explained, Bloglines.  It is easy to navigate and his explanations really helped me set up something that I was not familiar with at all.  The five blogs I subscribed to were Chelsea Hempfling, Lauren Faine, Ashley Musgrave, Tracey Mahler, and Lydia Darnall.

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